Lend a Hand: Volunteer Opportunities

The Board of Directors is looking for volunteers who are interested in helping in the following areas:

Website Maintenance and Editorial

  1. Maintaining and updating info on the site
  2. Writing or curating feature stories
  3. Writing or curating f neighborhood restaurant and business recommendations
  4. Proofreading
  5. Copy editing
  6. On-goning maintenance using WordPress

Working Groups

  1. Housekeeping working group — assist with amenities and qualitiy of life projects such as hallway renovations, exterior and interior upkeep and renovation
  2. Communications working group — assist with website, e-mail and other communications
  3. Green Building working group – this group is looking at ways to increase energy efficiency, encourage recycling and increase the quality of the environment in the building. Currently, they are also researching the possibility of installing a roof-deck.

Contact: volunteer@200east.com.