Security and Safety

You are requested to follow the following procedures:

  1. When you go away, please advise the superintendent in writing with written instructions on the collection of your mail and newspapers during your absence.
  2. While you are away, visitors will not be permitted to enter your apartment unless you have left written authorization with the Superintendent. This includes caretakers of plants and animals who may visit the apartment on a daily basis. Any visitor staying in your apartment more than thirty (30) days will be considered a sublet and you must follow the rules for subletting outlined in the Sublease Application Package.
  3. Always leave written instructions with the Superintendent if workmen are to be admitted to your apartment. These instructions must include the names and the date and time that the workmen are expected. Under no circumstances can you give the keys to the main door to any workmen or visitors.
  4. The building is in no way responsible for damage caused by your visitors or workmen and the cost of repairs will be billed to the responsible Shareholder/tenant. Any renovations or construction or construction to an apartment, which is sublet, must be approved by the Shareholder in writing.
  5. Fire doors must never be propped open and stairways must be kept free of items likely to block the stairways. This practice not only endangers the lives of others, it is against the law.