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Progress Report

Dear Shareholders,   We are writing to update you on various building matters as we enter the heating season. Below, please find a few bullet points highlighting some of the key issues that the Board and Management are focusing on:

Operating Budget and Maintenance Fee Increase

The audited financial statement was recently distributed to all shareholders and discussed at our open shareholders meeting on May 1st. Based on actual results through December 31, 2012 our surplus in 2012 and the balanced budget for 2013 were a result of an increase in our transfer fee activity. In an effort to reduce our reliance on this line item and use these funds primarily for our reserve fund which funds future capital improvements, the transfer fees will be phased out from our operating budget over the next few years. To compensate for this realocation, the Board has approved a 1.50 % maintenance increase, effective September 1, 2013. The Board’s primary objectives are to maintain all aspects of our building, … More >

Clean out your closets – help your fellow New Yorkers — receive tax deduction!!

Our building is now a participant in Re-fashion NYC — a partnership between the city government and Housing Works to make clothing donation as easy as possible. A donation bin has been conveniently installed in our courtyard for your donations of any clean fabric or material, including clothing, towels, linens, curtains, or clean rags, as well as accessories such as belts and handbags. You can deposit the items loose or in clear plastic bags. Tax donation forms are available on the outside of the bin. Our donations will be picked up and transported to a Housing Works warehouse in Queens for sorting. Some donations will be sold in Housing Works’ shops throughout NYC or at one of their “all you … More >

Boiler Conversion From Oil To Gas

Beginning the week of August 5, 2013, National Mechanical Services will begin the boiler conversion project. The work will take approximately three (3) weeks to complete, barring no unforeseen circumstances. While this work is in progress, a temporary boiler will be located on 16th Street between Third Avenue and Rutherford Place. More >

Editor/Writer Needed needs an editor. What the job entails is liaising with the board of directors, staff and management to keep abreast of building news; writing and posting news; reviewing comments; coordinating with other writers; maintain mailing lists; and sending out email blasts as needed. This requires nothing more than basic writing and WordPress skills. There is no pay for this position but it does come with a…
free 6-month (possibly longer) gym membership!

contact: More >

No Pets, in Sublets

Effective January 1, 2013, any shareholder who sublets their apartment must stipulate that the subtenant will not be permitted to house any dogs. Those shareholders whose sub-tenants were approved prior to January 1, 2013 and who have a dog will be grandfathered in and will be allowed to keep their dog(s).  –The Board of Directors More >

Vote Often

The poll site for our building has changed this year. It is now located at 133 East 13 Street, Manhattan. That’s between 3rd and 4th Avenues – a little further away than before but well worth every step. Voting for the President of the United States will be good practice for Thursday when shareholders will vote for the Co-op Board Members.

For more information on the US ELECTIONS visit the Board of Elections website. You can even download a preview of the ballot.

For more information on the CO-OP ELECTIONS you can download an explanation of voting and proxies here and view statements from all the candidates here. More >

Hurricane Update

Here’s an update from Ed on the precautions being taken in advance of Sandy: All loose materials in the yard and roof removed and secured. The vent system has been shut down and the vent ducks on the roof have been covered with plywood. This is done to prevent wind from entering the vent system and creating a negative back flow and blowing into apartments. The elevator motor room is secure. No need to shut down the elevators at this time, but I will monitor the weather and make that decision if I feel there are unsafe conditions. I have extra staff here and the doorman has called all the elderly and handicap in the building to let them know … More >