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Fourth of July Fireworks

With the 4th of July holiday approaching please note the following rules for the use of the rooftop to view the fireworks celebration: • No Chairs or Blankets • No Pets • No Smoking including e-cigarettes and vape pens • No Food or Drink • Due to the roofing surface and membrane no heels will be allowed; all shoes must be flats, sandals, sneakers, etc. • Guests must be accompanied by a resident/shareholder at all times. • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. • Access to the roof will be from 8:30 P.M. until the end of the show. • Fireworks begin at approx. 9:20 P.M. We thank you in advance … More >

Repairs by the Lessee

The purpose of this memo is to provide Shareholders some clarity as to the responsibility for certain repairs in apartments. Section 18 (a) of the Proprietary Lease states in relevant part the following: “The Lessee shall keep the interior of the apartment (including interior walls, floors and ceilings, but excluding windows, window panes, window frames, sashes, sills, entrance and terrace floors, frames and saddles) in good repair, shall do all of the painting and decorating required for his apartment, including the interior of window frames, sashes and sills and shall be solely responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of plumbing, gas and heating fixtures and equipment and such refrigerators, dishwashers, removable and through-the-wall air conditioner, washing machines, ranges and … More >

New Resident Manager

After a diligent and thorough search, it is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors announces the hiring of Mr. Manuel “Manny” Almeida as the new Resident Manager at 200 East 16th Street. Manny will begin his new role on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Over the course of the next several days, Manny will also be moving into the building where he will reside full time. By way of background, Manny comes to us from a midtown co-op building where he is the Superintendent. He is highly recommended with particular note as having a strong work ethic and working background in all aspects of building operations and maintenance.. Starting Wednesday, May 1st, Manny may be reached via e-mail at … More >

Update on Building Facade Repairs

Now that repairs to the north elevation are complete and the suspended scaffolding and pipe scaffold removed the next step before scheduling the removal of the sidewalk shed was to amend the existing FISP (Facade Inspection and Safety Program) report. This amended report has already been submitted to the Department of Buildings for review. It can take anywhere from two to four weeks until we hear back from the DOB. Assuming no additional changes are required and the DOB accepts the report as final an on-site inspection will be performed by the Buildings Enforcement Safety Team (BEST). This too may take a couple of weeks. Not until the completion and approval of all DOB reviews and inspections can we schedule … More >

Elevator Upgrades

Starting next Monday, April 22, 2019, the metal on the elevator doors and entrance frames in the lobby will be record using an 18-gauge bronze with a satin finish. Separately, each elevator will be taken out of service for three days. Please allow extra time during the morning rush. Note that deliveries and moves may be delayed on these days. The schedule is as follows: Car #1 Monday 422 (9:00am) • Century Elevator removes hoistway door • Velis recalls the entrance frame • Velis picks up the hoistway door Wednesday 4/22 • Velis returns the newly clad hoist way door • Century Elevator reinstalls the door Car#2 Monday 4/29 (9:00am) • Century Elevator removes hoistway door • Velis recalls the … More >

Mike Kortoci, Resident Manager

Fellow Shareholders and Residents, It is with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of Mike Kortoci as Resident Manager of 200 East 16th Street. Mike’s last day was Friday, April 12, 2019, and he and his family will be leaving shortly thereafter. During his three plus years at our building, Mike has worked tirelessly to make 200 East 16th Street the best it can be. And on behalf of all Shareholders, the Board offers its sincere thanks and congratulations to Mike on his future endeavors. We wish him, his wife Mubere, and their children, Arty and Arieta, nothing but the best as they embark on a new journey. As the search for a replacement continues to take place, we … More >

New Bike Storage Room

We are pleased to announce that the Building’s new bike storage room is nearing completion. The current bike room will be relocated to a new secure section of the basement adjacent to the main storage area. In order to organize and facilitate the move, Residents are asked to identify any bicycle(s) they store in the old bike room and remove all locks. To ensure that your bike is moved, please obtain a tag from the doorman and write your name and apartment number on it before affixing it to your bike. Any bicycle locks not removed by prior to the move will be cut. Unclaimed bikes may either be donated or discarded. The date of the move is tentatively scheduled … More >

New Porter

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the building staff at 200 East 16th Street. Lobsang Tashi, who has been working in the building on a part-time basis, will fill the position recently vacated by Miguel Soberanis. Tashi, as he prefers to be called, has become a full-time employee as of February 18, 2019. We are happy to have Tashi on board and confident he will be a welcome addition to the building and its staff. Orsid Management

Smoking in Apartments and Common Areas – Updated

We have received numerous reports and complaints concerning the smell of marijuana and cigarette smoke within the building. In order to substantively address this matter we are asking residents to immediately report any such incidents to Management and/or the Resident Manager. All reports will be considered anonymous and held in complete confidence. Building staff has also been asked to assist in identifying the person or persons responsible for this nuisance. In compliance with Local Law #147 the Board, in August 2018, adopted and incorporated into the House Rules the following smoking policy: “Smoking is permitted inside apartments, provided that such smoking does not cause smoke to emanate from the apartment into the common areas of the building or into other … More >