Smoking Policy

In August of last year Mayor Bill DeBlasio signed Local Law #147 requiring the owners of all Class A multiple dwellings, including all cooperative corporations and condominiums, to adopt a smoking policy not later than August 28, 2018.

In compliance with these new requirements and to preserve the rights of residents and Shareholders who choose to smoke, while simultaneously limiting the impact of second-hand smoke on others, the following policy has been adopted by the Board and incorporated into the House Rules:

Smoking is permitted inside apartments, provided that such smoking does not cause smoke to emulate from the apartment into the common areas of the building or into other apartments. Lessees shall take all reasonable precautions (including the installation, at the Lessee’s expense, of special ventilation equipment or the sealing of walls and floors) to eliminate smoke leaving their apartment and entering the apartments of other Lessees or common areas of the building. No Lessee or member of the Lessee’s household or guests, or invitees of the Lessee shall smoke in any common areas, entrance ways, or courtyards of the Building or on any stairwell, terrace and/or balcony. No cigarette butts shall be thrown from any window or terrace.

200 East Board of Directors

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