Monthly Archives: February 2018

Individual Residences Maintenance

In an effort to insure that our building and individual residences are maintained properly, the following services and repairs are included in your monthly maintenance fees: • Flushometer Vacuum Breaker Kit • Unclog Sink drains • Unclog toilets • Repair leaking faucets (replace washers)* • Repair bathroom faucet(s) • Repair kitchen faucet(s) • Repair sink aerator(s) • Receptacle outlet-electric • CO2/Smoke alarm installation (Alarm will be billed at cost) • Installation of Window guard – standard size *It will be the Shareholder’s expense to purchase any materials needed. Please take note that the above-referenced services are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the board of directors. Further, certain non-labor/hard costs that relate to said services may … More >