Orsid Realty Corporation Is Our New Managing Agent


 April 20, 2015

Dear Shareholders,


After a lengthy review and discussion and extensive due diligence, The Board Of Directors has decided to replace The Lovett Corporation as our managing agent.We are pleased to advise you that effective May 1, 2015, we have retained the services of Orsid Realty Corp. as our new managing agent. Robert Mellman, Director of Facilities Administration will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the building and will take an active role in the transition.
In addition to Rob, and his team, I am pleased to advise you that the President of Orsid, Neil Davidowitz, has committed to taking an active role in the management of the building.

Orsid Reality Corp. has been authorized to issue and collect the May maintenance and all other amounts due to the cooperation. Any overdue balance will be reflected on the following month’s maintenance bill and should be mailed to the address on the bill. Checks should be made payable to 200 East 16th Street Housing Corp. If you receive a May bill from the prior agent, please ignore it.


Orsid will be sending you a letter of introduction and will let you know the dates scheduled for when the management team will be able to meet residents in the lobby. In the interim, Orsid has agreed to jump in and help with the very important matter related to the proposed expansion of the Friends Seminary. To that end, Rob Mellmam has been present at the Community Board meetings that have taken place and will be there going forward.

Very Truly Yours,

The Board of Directors




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