Hurricane Update

Apologies for not posting sooner but life has been a little complicated this week.

For those of you staying elsewhere, there is still no power in the building as of 3pm on Friday. We have been told to expect the service will be restored after midnight on Saturday.

When the power is restored there may be running toilets and plumbing issues.  They will be addressed as quickly as possible.  Please let the front desk know if you have any plumbing problems when power is restored.

The good news is that there was no flooding or wind damage to the building. So even though this is incredibly frustrating keep in mind that it could have been much worse. We’ll keep you posted and let you know via email as soon as the power is restored.

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6 Responses to Hurricane Update

  1. Stephen Bloom says:

    I am sure many people are thinking the same thing here: is it time for the building to consider installing an emergency power generator for future occurrences like this? Unfortunately, none of us can be very optimistic that this will never happen again in some form…

  2. Lisa Overton says:

    I was sharing a cab uptown on Wednesday and the person who had joined me worked for a solar company. She told me that with solar panels on the roof we would at least be able to operate the elevator during the day and run some lighting. I’d rather do this because even if we had a generator right now we’d have to spend an entire afternoon waiting online for gas to power it. And no, I’m not very optimistic that this is just a fluke.

    • Stephen Bloom says:

      I think the key words here were “who worked for a solar company” – the question to ask is how much and for how long can you store the power created by the solar panels, because if this happens because of a bad weather event that same bad weather will most likely be blocking the sun….I wouldn’t be opposed to both but I think depending on solar is risky. But I am not an expert.

      Did the gas go out as well to the building? I’m not sure I understood your comment about waiting for gas…

      • Stephen Bloom says:

        Oh, I get it. You mean gasoline, not natural gas. Hmm. Is there no such thing as a backup generator piped to the building’s natural gas line?

  3. Zelda Warner says:

    I am staying with relatives who have a generator powered by natural gas, hooked up to the gas lines of their house. It is warm and cosy, we have power, water, heat.

  4. Lisa Overton says:

    I think Zelda just answered your question. So, it seems there are many options and it seems we may be having more extreme weather in our future so we should investigate the options. I’d love for you to get involved Steve. Let’s talk after the annual meeting.

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