New Artwork by Gareth Long

The new work by Gareth Long entitled, (Seymour) is the second piece of art on loan in the lobby. The first work, part of Hurvin Anderson’s Welcome Series, Orange and Grey 2006 was on display in our lobby for over two years. It has since been gifted to a museum.

(Seymour) is a lenticular print based on iconic 1991 cover designs for J. D. Salinger’s four published books. The prints are made from over 32 frames of video, condensed into single printed image which gives the optical effect of a hologram or static video.  Long’s interest in the Salinger book covers stems from the cover’s juxtaposition to the text; while the design is ostensibly aligned with a modernist aesthetic, it was applied long after publication of the series of texts that seem to fall just outside the bounds of modernist literature in the United States.

The six foot tall lenticulars reconfigure and animate the brightly colored geometric lines on the book covers, suggesting the modernist art historical precendents of abstract painting, facets of Minimalism, and of the Op Art movement.  The works questions Salinger’s relationship to modernism and the subsequent appropriatness of the design for these books.

The lenticulars were manufactured in New Zealand and shipped to New York by sea freight. They are extremely delicate and are custom framed to protect them.

Other lenticulars pieces can be viewed at  In addition, Long has a show at Kate Werble Gallery, 83 Vandam St.  The show is up until June 9th 2012.


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