Local Law 11 Update

The following is a summary of the progress to date and anticipated activity going forward relating to the Local Law 11/98 7th cycle repairs:

Drop 17 (J line west) will be completed on or about May 17th Painting of lintels and general clean up will follow on May 23rd.

Drop 10 (east elevation A and B line) Brickwork is 100% complete. Caulking, painting of lintels, and general clean up will be completed by May 21st.

Drop 18 (west L and K line) Lintel and brick work is ongoing and will be completed by May 23rd; painting of lintels and general cleanup will be done by May 25th.

Drop 11 (north elevation A, F, G and H line) This area is 100% complete and is ready for the engineer’s inspection.

Main Roof Bulkhead: All brick replacement has been completed and pointing is ongoing on the north elevation. The west, east, and south elevations are still pending completion.

The following scaffold drops are to be performed shortly:

Drop 19 and Drop 20: (south elevation K and L lines) This area will be rigged with scaffolds within the next two weeks. The work in this area will be the same as the other drops and will include lintel and brick replacement.

There currently are ten men working at the site with four rigs in operation. It is expected that all work will be completed by the end of June 2012, weather permitting.

Most of the significant dust-producing work will be done between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, weather permitting. A good deal of the work will require the use of noisy impact devices and power tools, for which we apologize in advance. Please be reminded that it is best to keep your shades drawn and windows closed if the contractor is working anywhere near your apartment. If in doubt, please remember to keep your shades drawn to insure your privacy.

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