Shareholder Meeting Recap

It was great seeing many of you last night at the spring shareholder meeting.  Special thanks to Lisa Overton for finding us such a great space for the meeting and ordering the delicious food from Piccolo Cafe.  We covered a lot in this meeting, including the latest on the Local Law facade repair work, plans for elevator modernization, boiler conversion, personnel changes and the state of our finances. 

I’ll recap a few of the highlights here:

1. We have decided to convert our heating from #6 oil (which is the cheapest, but most polluting oil) to natural gas.  This makes financial sense, as well as enhance our ability to be a greener building. 

2. The scaffolding will be removed from the courtyard by the end of April.  Once that’s done, we will be finishing up the design of our renovated courtyard.  If you have a design background, I would love to hear from you to help us finish this space.  We plan on having a cocktail party in the courtyard once everything’s done.  The scaffolding from the rest of the building is scheduled to be removed by July.  Thanks for your patience as we finish the required repairs.

3. We will be building a gym in the basement.  The bike room will be converted into a completely renovated gym with 4 cardio machines, a universal weight set, a cable weight set, dumbbells and flat screen TV.  We will be charging a nominal fee to shareholders who would like to use the gym.  The bikes will be moved to the conference room to double tiered racks to accomodate all of the bikes.  I would like to get this done by Memorial Day.

As always, feel free to email me at if you have any questions, concerns or comments. 




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