Bike Room Move

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned at the spring shareholder meeting last week, we will be building a fantastic gym in the basement. The current bike room will be transformed into a gym with 4 cardio machines, a universal weight set, dumbbells and cable weights. We are pushing to get this done by the end of May.

We will be moving the bikes into the smaller conference room by mid May. In order to fit all of the bikes, we will be utilizing a two-tier bike rack. The bottom tier will be reserved for women and children who are frequent users. If you fit in this category, please email me to reserve a bottom space–first come, first served. BY MAY 15TH, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR BIKE IS HANGING ON YOUR ASSIGNED HOOK IN ORDER FOR US TO MOVE YOUR BIKE TO THE CORRESPONDING SLOT IN THE NEW RACKS. Please also remove child’s seats from your bikes as well as pumps or other personal items you’ve left in the room. We will assume that any bikes not on hooks by this date to not have an assigned space, and therefore, will be removed from the bike room and will not be given space in the new bike room.



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