Monthly Archives: April 2012

Bike Room Move

Hi everyone, As I mentioned at the spring shareholder meeting last week, we will be building a fantastic gym in the basement. The current bike room will be transformed into a gym with 4 cardio machines, a universal weight set, dumbbells and cable weights. We are pushing to get this done by the end of May. We will be moving the bikes into the smaller conference room by mid May. In order to fit all of the bikes, we will be utilizing a two-tier bike rack. The bottom tier will be reserved for women and children who are frequent users. If you fit in this category, please email me to reserve a bottom space–first come, first served. BY MAY 15TH, … More >

Local Law 11 update

The waterproofing work in the courtyard area is completed. The pipe scaffolding will be removed by Friday, April 27th.
The following areas are currently being worked on by Pratt: More >

Shareholder Meeting Recap

It was great seeing many of you last night at the spring shareholder meeting.  Special thanks to Lisa Overton for finding us such a great space for the meeting and ordering the delicious food from Piccolo Cafe.  We covered a lot in this meeting, including the latest on the Local Law facade repair work, plans for elevator modernization, boiler conversion, personnel changes and the state of our finances.  I’ll recap a few of the highlights here: 1. We have decided to convert our heating from #6 oil (which is the cheapest, but most polluting oil) to natural gas.  This makes financial sense, as well as enhance our ability to be a greener building.  2. The scaffolding will be removed from … More >

Letter from the Co-op President

Dear Shareholders,

I hope 2012 has been off to a great start for all of you. As we head into the second quarter, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on the state of our co-op.

We have endeavoured to improve communications in the building through the formation of a Communications Committee of shareholders and board members, the implementation of the Complaints Policy, and through an encouragement of active dialogue between board members and shareholders. I have heard from many of you, and More >

Neighborhood History

It’s hard to imagine that once upon a time there were 4 elevated passenger rail lines in Manhattan, including the legendary Third Avenue El which once ran alongside our building and is featured in the large format photos in our lobby. The Third Avenue El was begun in 1878 and was 1 of 4 elevated rail lines in Manhattan along with 2nd, 6th, and 9th Ave. The line was double decked, allowing for express service, and ran from Battery Park to 133rd Street in the Bronx. More >